Zoë Treehouse Nude #1 Limited Edition Print


This is a limited edition archival print of the gorgeous Zoë, nude on a couch, taken in a treehouse from above. This photo was taken in a treehouse in April of 2022 as part of a shoot for Goodies Magazine. Other images from the same shoot are featured in Issue #11.


This is a limited series of prints available in four sizes:

4×5. Edition of 25. Mounted in an 8×10 mat.
8×10. Edition of 10. Mounted in a 11×14 mat.
11×14. Edition of 5. Mounted in a 16×20 mat.
16×20. Edition of 5. Mounted in a 20×24 mat.

The size specified is the image area of the print. Each has an additional white border around the image to allow mounting and to provide room for a signature and edition marks.

These are printed on a high-gloss paper, with the exception of the 16×21 series, which is printed on a luster surface paper (Pro Platinum-N paper is not currently available in 17×22 cut sheets). You may request a different surface (matte, semi-gloss, luster) if there are unprinted edition slots available, but your order will take longer to fulfill. If you want a custom surface, please DM me before placing your order.

The series is printed using 100+ year dyes and professional archival photo paper. They are mounted in archival, 100% acid-free mats ready for framing in standard size frames. I personally print, mount, and package these prints and even cut the mats myself. No human skin touches the prints or mats. At every step of printing, mounting, and packaging, I wear nitrile gloves until the mounted print is safely sealed into its crystal bag. The mats are hinge-mounted to allow easy removal of the print without damaging it or the mat. They are mounted using polypropylene mounting corners, so no adhesive of any kind touches the print itself.

Prints are shipped flat. Free domestic shipping to the US is included in the price.

Edition marks and signature are on both the back of the print, and also on the front, below the image. Edition marks are not visible through the mat unless requested. Edition marks are hand-written using an archival pigment pen. The certificate of authenticity is affixed to the back of the mat using archival mounting corners. All prints are sold in edition-order starting with 1. Any edition marks or certificates shown in the product image gallery are illustrative only. The actual edition marks and certificate will vary from print to print.

Both the print and certificate are marked with a holographic, tamper-proof, uniquely numbered sticker and I maintain a record of numbers and owners to allow future buyers to confirm authenticity.

You are purchasing a print only. This purchase does not include a license to publish or reproduce this image in any way. The image may not be used commercially without my written permission. All models are 18 or older.

Note: The actual print is not censored and has no watermark.


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Print Size

4×5 with Mat, 8×10 with mat, 11×14 with Mat, 16×20 with Mat


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