Finding Models

  • Model Mayhem: A popular model networking website
  • PurplePort: A model networking website that’s popular in the UK but starting to gain traction in the US
  • Model  Society: A site devoted to figurative photography and art. They maintain a model registry and a photographer registry, though joining either registry requires applying and being approved by the moderators.
  • Instagram: This (unfortunately) Facebook-owned social media service is a popular hub for models and photographers to connect, despite having oppressive censorship and creepy, user-hostile data collection policies. It’s really difficult to be involved in model photography without maintaining an Instagram account.
  • Model Folio: A model database with some nice features, including a map-based search. Lots of entries in the UK and Europe, but in the US, it’s still pretty slim pickings.
  • Adult Folio: This is the sister site to Model Folio and has most of the same features. It allows and, in fact, specializes in more explicit types of modeling that Model Folio doesn’t allow.

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