Publish Me

Do you need content for your magazine, book, or other publication? These kinds of shoots are some of my absolute favorites. However, I don’t work with vanity magazines. For those who don’t know, a vanity magazine is one that exists primarily to help photographers and models who want to be able to say they’re “published”. They don’t pay the photographer or model and many don’t even give contributor copies any more.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with vanity magazines; they serve a valuable purpose and help photographers get their foot into a very crowded door. It’s just that I don’t need what they have to offer right now. At very least, I expect a publication that’s charging money to offset at least some of the costs associated with the shoot. I also insist that the model or models be compensated fairly. If you’re making money, they should make money. I realize the magazine market is a tough one these days, so I don’t necessarily need to show a profit from a magazine shoot if I retain the image rights, but I’m not going to subsidize your publication.

If I haven’t scared you off, let’s talk!