About Shooting with Me

This page contains information for models who are considering working with me. It explains a bit about how I work and answers some questions models often ask. If you still have questions or concerns after reading this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

My Philosophy

I believe that photography is best when it’s a collaborative effort built on trust. I want the images to reflect your creativity and personality as much as mine and I want you to always feel safe in front of my camera. Here are some of the things I do to ensure that:

Everything Up Front

I will give you as much information as possible beforehand, so there are no surprises at the shoot. I will make sure to tell you whether any images I want to create have requirements that you might find objectionable or uncomfortable, and will adjust the shoot plan based on your feedback to make sure you’re completely comfortable with what we end up shooting.

Open Camera Policy

At any time during our shoot, you are welcome to see any or all of the images that I’ve taken. You may delete any image that exceed your boundaries are are otherwise uncomfortable with.

Post-Shoot Image Review

Within a few days of the shoot, I will send you a link to a password-protected gallery containing all of the images I took of you. This will allow you to review the images at your leisure and make sure you are okay with all of them. If you find images that you do not want published, you can send me their filenames and I will mark those images as “not for publication”, or delete them outright, whichever you prefer.

If I’m traveling, it may take longer for me to put up the gallery for review, but worst case, I’ll get them up within two days of arriving home.


If you wish to bring somebody along with you to the shoot, please feel free. You do not need to ask first unless you intend to bring more than one person, in which case, please do check with me to make sure the shoot location can accommodate the additional people.

Meeting Before the Shoot

If you’re local and would like to meet in a public place before deciding to shoot with me, I’m always happy to do so. Just ask.


If you would like references, I am happy to provide them. You should also feel free to look at my Instagram feed or ModelMayhem credits and reach out to any models I’ve worked with to get unbiased opinions.

No Touch Policy

With the exception of the makeup artist and/or stylist (if we use one), nobody will touch you during a shoot unless you request or initiate the contact or we have discussed it ahead of time and you have consented to it. If you need help with a zipper or piece of jewelry, for example, of course I, or someone else at the shoot, will help you. You will not, however, be subjected to unwanted or unexpected touching from me or anyone else involved in the shoot.

If a shot concept requires any kind of physical contact other than from a makeup artist or stylist, I will discuss it with you ahead of time and make sure you’re okay with it before we finalize our plans to shoot together.


Consent is super important to me. If you let me know about any boundaries you have, I will make sure not to ask you to do anything that exceeds them. Upon request, I will include your boundaries in our release agreement, which will make any images that go beyond them un-publishable without your written consent. The agreement will also require me to delete any such images if you ask.

Boundaries discussions often center around things like your comfort level with nudity or sexually suggestive or explicit images, but boundaries can be about literally anything. If there are things you’re not willing to do in front of the camera (or even just in front of my camera), I want to know so I don’t put you in an uncomfortable situation during our shoot.

Saying No is Always Fine

If I ever suggest something during a shoot that you aren’t 100% comfortable with,  it is not only okay to say “no”, I want you to say “no”. You never have to explain why you don’t wish to do something. As far as I’m concerned, there is no concept, no pose, and no shot that is worth hard feelings or regrets. Creating should not be stressful. If something I do makes the shoot stressful or uncomfortable, I want to know about it immediately so I can fix it.