Collaboration FAQ

A collaboration shoot, or collab is a shoot where everybody involved gets to use some or all of the photos commercially. The most common collaboration shoots are for creating content for websites like OnlyFans and Patreon, or to sell online at sites like BentBox and ManyVids. They’re are also a good choice for submitting to magazines or websites that pay the model and photographer directly if the submission is accepted (for example, Suicide Girls).

Q: Who pays expenses like studio or location rental?

I’ll usually cover expenses related to camera and lighting gear and can provide a studio or other shooting location if we don’t shoot outdoors or at a location you already have access to. If we shoot at a location of your choosing, I’ll bring lighting equipment, backgrounds, or any other gear that we need to get the shots we want.

Q: Will you edit the photos?

Yes. I will do basic editing (color correction, major blemish removal, etc.) for as many images as you want. I’ll do more intensive “beauty” editing on up to 5% of the shots we take. A typical 2-3 hour shoot results in between 500 and 1500 shots, so you can usually expect to get between 25 and 75 “beauty” edits from a session.

Q: Will you share the raw Images so I can edit them myself?

I know this is a sticky point for many photographers, but I am open to negotiating for the raw files under some circumstances. If I do, I ask that when you publish images that you’ve edited from them, you call out the fact that the edit was not done by me. Something like:

       Photo: Jeff LaMarche
       Edit: Jane Doe

I do not give raw images for paid or hybrid shoots.

Q: How long does it take to get content?

I pride myself on quick turnaround. Barring unusual circumstances (such as when I’m traveling), I will send out unedited proofs within 48 hours of the shoot, and very often get them out within a few hours. Edited images take longer, depending on how many shots you select and the amount of editing I have to do on them. My general guideline is that I can deliver 50 basic edits or 10 full “beauty” edits per week starting from when you tell me which images you want. I often can do them faster, but that’s a good general rule of thumb that keeps me from getting too buried in editing work from multiple shoots.

For raw or unedited files, I can typically get them to you within 48 hours. I can usually turn them around almost immediately, but I shoot with very high-resolution cameras that produce really large files. The raw files from a single shoot can easily exceed 100GB, so they take some time to upload.

Q: Who will own the copyrights?

It depends on the situation, but usually me. Under US copyright law, the photographer automatically owns copyright (except when doing what’s called “work-for-hire”), and the copyright has to stay with me because of the way copyright law works in the U.S.

Joint ownership of copyright requires that each of the joint copyright owners make an “independently copyrightable contribution” to the image.  Modeling, set dressing, makeup, hair – none of those things are considered “independently copyrightable” under current US law. As a result, if we attempt to create a joint copyright in the shared images, it would be legally moot and the rights would revert back to me.

What I do, instead, is give you an irrevocable license to use and publish the content, which means you’ll have nearly identical rights to what you would have if you were a joint copyright owner. Our agreement will require me to provide any necessary documentation that you need to publish, sell, or otherwise use the images in accordance with our agreement.

Q: Will we have a written agreement?

Yes. In most cases, we will use a single “Collaboration Agreement” that will act as a contract, model release, and license agreement. Without a written agreement, I (as the photographer) would retain all rights in the images, so it’s in your interest to have a written contract showing that you have the right to publish the images.

I’m happy to send you a copy of the agreement to look at in advance, and many of the terms are negotiable.

Q: It seems like you mostly shoot with cis women. Will you collaborate with others?

I’ll collaborate with anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or body type. The only real limitation is my availability.

Q: Can we collaborate if I’m not willing to shoot nude?

Absolutely! Just tell me what you are comfortable with, and that’s what we’ll do. I’ll never ask or pressure you to go beyond your boundaries.

Q: Will you shoot explicit content?

While there are a few very extreme types of content that I won’t shoot, such as anything based on harmful or hateful racial, gender, or ethnic stereotypes, I’m generally willing to shoot most any type of content as long as everybody involved in the shoot is a consenting adult and everything is run ethically.

I may, however, ask you not to credit me when you publish explicit shots.

Q: Can I get prints or instant photos?

Absolutely. I love printing! For prints, I’ll provide one large print (up to 16″x21″ bordered) and five smaller prints (up to 8×10 borderless) for each hour of collab shooting we do, and you can substitute multiple smaller prints for a larger one (e.g. you can substitute two 5x7s or four 4x5s for one 8×10).  

If you want instant photos (polaroids) to sell, let me know ahead of time so I can make sure I have an instant camera and film with me. I’ll pay for one 20-pack of film for each hour we shoot, and we can split them 60-40 in my favor. I take a slightly larger share to cover the cost of the film. If you bring your own film and camera, we’ll split them 70-30 in your favor.

I also love creating limited editions. For limited edition prints, I’ll keep the Artist Proof, give you an HC proof, and then we’ll split the edition 50/50.  I’ll create certificates of authenticity for all the prints, will mount them in acid-free mats, and deliver them in a crystal bag ready for sale or giving away. I’ve written a blog post that explains more about limited edition prints if you want to know how it all works.

Q: Can we shoot video?

Sure! I’m able to produce and edit up to 8k video and can bring video lighting gear, if needed. Just make sure to tell me ahead of time so I bring the necessary equipment. I’m really looking to do more videos, but I will be up front about the fact that my stills experience far exceeds my video experience.

Q: Will you do collabs with multiple models?

Absolutely! We’ll just split the content equally. So, if there are two models, we’ll split everything three ways instead of two. I’m also happy to include makeup artists, stylists, set decorators, riggers, or anybody else who makes a material contribution to the final images.

Q: Do I have to bring identification to the shoot?

Yes. First, if you’re under 18, you can’t enter into a legally binding contract. There are some exceptions to that, but a modeling agreement is definitely not one of them. Second, if we’re doing any images with nudity (even if it’s just implied nudity), I will need to take a copy of your government-issued photo identification and it must show that you are a legal adult on the day of the shoot.

For more explicit content, I will will also ask you to sign a statement saying that the identification you showed me is yours, that you obtained it legally, and that you have not altered it in any way. That last requirement comes from Federal law (18 USC §2257), so it’s not negotiable.

Q: What kind of gear do you use?

I shoot entirely with professional equipment. My current camera bodies are a Nikon D850 and a Nikon Z9. All my lenses are fast professional-grade glass (ƒ2.8 and lower). I also have a wide assortment of professional lighting and studio gear, most of which can be brought on location, even when there’s no electricity available.

Q: Can I get paid?

I do hire models so it’s absolutely a possibility. Unfortunately, I have a limited budget and shoots are expensive, so outside of client work, I can typically afford no more than one or sometimes two paid shoots a month, and sometimes not even that. Be aware that most of my paid shoots involve some level of nudity. If you’re interested, go here and submit a link to a portfolio or a few pictures of yourself and we can go from there. Be aware, though, that I’m often booked several months out for paid shoots and simply can’t afford to do paid shoots with everyone that I’d like to work with.

Also, please be aware that while I am generally okay with models using pictures from a paid shoot for promotional purposes, I typically don’t allow the images from a paid shoots to be used on an OnlyFans or Patreon page, or for any other commercial purpose.

I am, however, open to hybrid pay/collab arrangements that involve a reduced rate in exchange for commercial publication rights to some of the images, or where part of the shoot is paid and part is a collaboration.

Interested? Reach out to me here!