Sponsor a Shoot

Have an idea for shots you’d like to see? You can sponsor one of my shoots!

You just pay my actual costs, including location rental, model fees, and any clothes, props, or accessories you want used. In exchange, you get to choose the model(s), the location, and the content of the shoot (subject to model approval). You’ll be involved from the start as we plan the shoot together. You can give me mood boards and reference shots, as well as provide verbal or written guidance about the kinds of shots you’d like to see.

From the shoot, you’ll get:

  • An unedited, high-res digital copy of every shot I take;
  • Twenty fully edited and retouched high-resolution digital images;
  • A large (up to 12×18) matted archival limited-edition print of your choice, signed by me and the model(s) in the photo;
  • Five medium (up to 8×10) matted archival prints of your choice, signed by me and the model(s);
  • A shout out and credit in the “read me” file and product description of any digital download pack created from the shoot;
  • A credit on the store page for any prints from the shoot;
  • A tag, mention, or link of your choice on any social media posts of shots from the shoot;
  • Behind-the-scenes video footage from the shoot (subject to model approval).

The cost of a shoot can vary greatly depending on the location, the length of the shoot, the number of models, the models’ experience levels, and the type of content. Sponsored shoots must be at least two hours long. I retain all publication and copy rights for images from a sponsored shoot. Work-for-hire arrangements — where you also get the publication rights — are also an option, but it costs considerably more.

Got an idea for a shoot you’d like to sponsor? Reach out for a quote or more information!