Collaborating With Me

A collaboration shoot, or collab is a shoot where everybody involved gets to use some or all of the photos commercially. The most common collaboration shoots are for creating content for websites like OnlyFans and Patreon, or to sell online at sites like BentBox and ManyVids. They’re are also a good choice for submitting to magazines or websites that pay the model and photographer directly if the submission is accepted (for example, Suicide Girls).

There are many ways to structure a collaboration agreement. The most common are:

  • Share the content: We each get non-exclusive rights to all the images we create together.
  • Split the content: We each get exclusive rights to use about half of the images we create together.
  • Share the Profits: We sell the content through one or more outlets and split the profit 50/50.

These approaches aren’t completely mutally exclusive, either. In fact, one my most common types of collaborations is to split the profits from selling some sets of images, while also sharing the rights to rest of the pictures from the shoot.

For more information, check out the Collaboration FAQ. If you have questions about what it’s like to shoot with me, check out the Shooting FAQ.

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