Framed Photograph – Rodeo Beach Nude & Non-Nude Flip Frame Combo


If you’ve ever wanted to display nudes in your home, but were hesitant because not everybody who visits shares your appreciation of the nude figure, this custom made pair of art prints may be just the thing for you. Mounted in a special double-side frame, one one side, shows an 8×10 archival scenic photograph of the sunset over Rodeo Beach, with a fully clothed model perched on the rocks. On the other side, there’s an 8×10 archival photograph of the same model posing nude against the cliffs, bathed in the light of that same glorious sunset.

The frame has a pivot mechanism, so to change the image that’s facing forward, simply spin the inner frame.

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The photographs are printed using 100+ year dyes and platinum archival photo paper.  No human skin has touched the prints. The frame is made of lightweight MDF wood. The inner frame rotates.

You are purchasing a print only. This purchase does not include a license to publish or reproduce this image in any way.

Note: The actual prints are not censored or watermarked.


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