Madison Sky Shoot Ideas

Captured Angel

This is just a very simple concept that’s been knocking around my head for a while and I think you might be a good fit for it. I want to combine a leather bondage blindfold with white angel wings and nothing else. Maybe some other bondage elements, but keep it fairly sparse, maybe use some diffusion to soften the images, The whole thing would be fairly barren, just Madison on maybe a white background, kneeling, sitting, laying. Going for unintentionally sexy. Scared, but maybe a little turned on, too. A lot of writhing around and maybe a slow conversion to enjoying it. Possibly build some paper mache clouds. Maybe some shots taken from the loft looking down.

Mosquito Netting / Sheer Fabric

Play around with posing under mosquito netting and/or sheer fabric. Don’t necessarily use the mosquito netting on a bed – could do standing, sitting. The sheer fabric will obscure details while clearly showing body shape. Play around with having Isa close to the netting, and also back away from the netting, wrapping herself up in it, etc.

  • Try shots with netting pulled against body and others further from net to give different amounts of blurriness
  • Try some shots using diffusion – pantyhose over lens, or perhaps a Tiffen Black Mist Pro 1/2 filter to give effect similar to:
  • Might be a good concept for trying more sensual poses, since a lot of details will be obscured by the netting and diffusion
  • Standing, gripping a handful of net in each hand tightly, almost like holding prison bars – where the fabric is gripped, it will be more opaque.
  • Just generally play with the fact that more layers become more opaque, move the fabric around to reveal or obscure
  • Could do solid background or environmental shots
  • With fabric, could use high power fan to hold it against model’s body and cause the excess to fly behind her in interesting ways.

On the Concrete Floor (Window Light)

There’s a loft above the studio from which you can look down on the old concrete floor. I’d like to do some shots taken from above of the model laying on the floor with window light casting shapes around her(try real window light, but also faking it with gobos). Similar to the iconic Robert Farber window light shot, but from above. Play with shadows from blinds and from window frame, maybe do some instagram-safe shots by making sure nipples/pussy are in the dark parts with a lot of contrast.

Alice in Bathroomland

The 1920s bathroom with the old style mirror and vanity really makes me want to try and capture the vibe of this early 1970s nude shoot that Kristine DeBell did with Helmet Newton. If you’re wondering about the name, Kristine DeBell played the title role in the X-rated Alice in Wonderland movie from the 70s. I’d love to remove any modern elements and just shoot moody, strongly lit, some black and white some color, but color graded to look like 70s ektachrome. More sexy/cute than just plain sexy, but with a strong 70s vibe.

Batter’s Up Padre’s Edition

I’m not a sportsball fan, but I’ve noticed that people around here really like the Padres. While I was searching for Kristine DeBell pictures, I found shots from an old cheesecake Baseball-themed shoot she did. I thought it might be fun to do a set similar to thise, but maybe using Padres’s swag – or using generic baseball stuff, either way.

Dirty Magazine Girl

Have you been featured in any adult magazines like Hustler or Barely Legal yet? I did a quick search and didn’t find you, but it was hardly exhaustive. If you haven’t, would you like to do a set of images to submit to them? These would be a little beyond boudoir. The pictorial in both Hustler and Barely Legal, most of the pictorials are solo-erotic, open leg, very suggestive posing, often with simulated or actual masturbation. I’ve got a hustler body suit you could wear for some shots (it’s new, never been worn).

If you’re interested, I’ll look through a few recent issues and come up with a specific plan to make a set that fits their style and is likely to get accepted.

If you’ve already been, or just aren’t interested, I thought we could do some shots of you lounging around reading a dirty magazine or watching porn on the big TV. Could make it sensual but not explicit, or fully explicit, or a combination. I think it’d work best with you actually playing with yourself, but it’s completely up to you.

Wind Tunnel

I picked up an outfit recently that’s see through, but has a lot of shiny, colorful dangly pieces all over it.The reflective pieces could be really interesting under the bright lights, especially if we use gels on some small light. We could have you dance, jump, and just generally move your body to get the dangly pieces moving.

I have a powerful fan in the studio. We could blow that on you while you’re wearing it to really get the dangly pieces moving.

Tied Up in Pearls

I have a really long spool of fake pearls. They’re cheap, but on camera they look pretty decent, especially under strong lights. I’d love to wrap the pearls around your torso to make the shape of a slinky tube dress, photograph it in front of a blue background with a light shining on it so it’s lighter color right behind you, getting darker towards the edges. Have you work through a bunch of poses, but we won’t fix the “dress” as the pearls loosen and start to reveal more flesh.

Simple Nudes / Incongruous Nudes

You’ve got an amazing body, so I’d love to do some very simple, but well lit nudes. Poses that don’t feel posed – just you being you, only nude. Sort of like a more polished version of the delightful selfies you post to Twitter.

We could also do the silly high-fashion nude thing where they take a nude model in front of white or a solid color, but then add clothing, jewelry, accessories that are bit out of place. Swim goggles and a swim cap, but otherwise nude. Aviator goggles and a scarf, but otherwise nude. Bike helmet, sunglasses, and sneakers but otherwise nude.. Wide brimmed hat and hiking boots but otherwise nude. Just a hat, purse, and high heels, but otherwise nude.I think you get gist.

They’re Here!

In the early 80s, there was a horror movie called Poltergeist. It had an iconic scene with a little girl in front of a TV showing static. TVs have gotten bigger, but you’re also bigger than the Poltergeist girl. I think g a big TV as a background – with static, or with interesting, unusual, or disturbing video playing could be interesting. Don’t want to go for the scary/creepy vie of poltergeist, but play with it, see what kind of moods work. This could lend itself to video also.

Maybe start in a very thin or sheer nightgown or dress so the light from the TV outlines your shape, then work through different poses in front of the TV, then removing the nightgown, maybe some sitting on a coffee table in front of the TV, etc.

All Oiled Up and Nowhere to go

It’s a classic for a reason. Low key nudes in front of a black background with coconut oil or baby oil applied so your skin is shiny, then with a layer of glycerine over that for a wet look.. Maybe some shots applying it. Maybe mix in some gels to see what the colored lights do on the shiny skin.