Goodies Shoot – Issue 12 Planning (WIP)

Model: Rachael Rivera
Location: Rustic Luxury Eco Cottage in El Sobrante
Date/Time: Tuesday, December 20 (tentative)

Photo galleries (except location shots) are mood boards. They are not necessarily the exact items or poses we’ll use. These are ideas to consider, not a shot list.

About the Issue

Goodies Issue 12 was originally going to have a camping theme, but they changed it to more of a general outdoorsy, girls-in-nature theme. All of the pictorials will be shot primarily (but not only) outdoors. One of the big directives for this issue is to try and get as many shots as possible that don’t look posed, but rather feel natural, like we just happened upon the model and had our camera with us.

Shoot Vibe

Goodies bills itself as—among other things—an erotic and nudist magazine. We do not, however, bill ourselves as a “men’s magazine”. While we regularly feature poses that are sensual and explicit, including open-leg and bent-over poses and shots that are playfully flirtatious or sexually suggestive, we do not cater specifically to the male gaze and do not ever present the model as subservient or dependent on a man.

The Goodies Girl is happy, sexy, fun-loving, exhibitionistic, nature-loving, and confident. She’s got personality. She’s beautiful, sure, but she’s more than that. She’s strong. She’s independent. Maybe she’s quirky, mischievous, or a troublemaker. Maybe she’s a wholesome nature lover. Maybe she’s a chronic flirt. Whatever we present her as should be based on the model’s actual personality or a persona of her choosing so it feels authentic to our readers. We want the viewer to realize she’s every bit as interesting as she is beautiful.

The Article

The first time Goodies features a model, we run an article—usually written by the photographer, but sometimes by the model. The article talks about the location and the model, but doesn’t have to be 100% true. Embellishing or writing about a persona, or a fictionalized version of the shoot, are all completely fine. Whether we go with truth or fiction, we don’t ever want to reveal details about the model that shouldn’t be made public.

I should discuss with model what she does/doesn’t want included, and get her input on the story we tell.

About the Space

The shoot location is an ADU (tiny house) built next to another more traditional house (also owned by the host). It’s got character, with Boho-inspired decorations and a large deck area. The houses are on five acres of land, most of which is secluded from the view of neighbors. The hosts are okay with nudity, both inside and outside.

Shooting in the house may be a little cramped at times, but it looks like there’s plenty of natural light, so we may not need to set up lights inside (depending on how sunny it is). Unless it’s really overcast, the outdoor shots should be fine with natural light too, maybe using a single hard light for fill.

Clothing / Props / Accessories

Curiously, my original concept for the location that fell through was “Boho-Chic meets Bathhouse-Chic”. The Boho-chic part fits this location even better than the original one, so we’ll lean into that, but leave behind the Bathhouse.

  • Generally: loose fitting, colorful, casual clothes, sticking with bright but natural colors: natural greens, yellows, dark reds, with occasional splashes of other colors. Maybe include some crocheted see-through items or patterns. A few possibilities:
    • open-front coverup – to use in shots and also for model to keep warm between shots if it ends up being a cool day.
    • Boho style skirts, tops, shirts.
    • sarong coverup skirt, neutral color, ideally just a little see-through
    • A long t-shirt or nightgown that’s just barely long enough to cover everything, but when model lifts arms up or bends over, it pulls up just enough to give a good peek. I’ve ordered a Goodies logo shirt in medium size which will be large on the model and hopefully is the right length for this, but it may not arrive in time. I’ll bring other options as well, and ask the model if she has anything that will work.
    • Some jewelry that matches the feel of the shoot. For metal parts, no gold, just white metals like silver. Pick items with colors: stone, turquoise, crystal, leather. Going for more earthy, not flashy, but occasional splashes of bright colors are great too.
    • Several towels – possibly to use as props or accessories, but mostly because the outdoor area might be muddy after all the rain we’ve had.
    • Hula hoop? Kind of silly idea, but could be fun. I’ll see if I can find one.
    • Hand mirror to play with some multiple perspective shots
    • Previous issues of Goodies to do some promo shots.
  • For shoes, have model bring one or two pair of casual flats, boots, or sneakers. No specific type of shoe in mind, but it should work with the theme. Generally want to avoid stiletto heels, shoes with a lot of bling, or stripper shoes. She should bring at least one pair of shoes that can get muddy because it’s been raining a lot and we don’t want to ruin her shoes during the outdoor shots.
  • Lingerie doesn’t really fit the shoot style, but might be good to take a few lingerie shots indoors just to have some variety. Maybe I can find some that have a vintage or Boho vibe.

Hair / Makeup

Natural, light makeup. No MUA, so have model do her own, but keep things simple. Avoid bright colors, strong blush, and heavy colored eyeshadow. Go with more of a nude look. Hair down for most shots, maybe some up in a bun or ponytail or scrunchie.

Things to Keep in Mind

The editor and creative director gave me some feedback after my last pictorial of specific kinds of images they’d like to see more of. There were also a few things I was unhappy about with that shoot, so here are things to keep in mind while shooting:

  • Make sure to get some establishing shots of location with and without model from different perspectives
  • Use natural light as much as possible.
    • Use fill light when necessary to get a high quality image.
    • Prefer a hard or semi-hard light for fill to match the sun (e.g. Parasnap 36" with no diffuser or baffles).
    • If it’s overcast, or the indoor spaces don’t have good light, then go with partial or full strobe lighting setup.
  • Make sure to get a mix of distant, full body, 3/4, and closeups, including some abstract body part closeups. Make sure many are playful, many are sensual, and a few are outright explicitly erotic (to whatever amount the Model is comfortable doing).
  • At the end of each set or location, take a 2-3 minute video of model for promoting the issue.
  • Make sure to have model use a variety of expressions. Maybe 75% should be happy, flirtatious, mischievous, quizzical, teasing, or sensual. Take some, but not very many with other expressions (somber, unsure, serious).
  • Remember to get plenty of suggestive shots (Editor was unhappy about how few I took for my last pictorial). Every issue features images that strongly suggest sexual acts, typically without involving actual sex acts – things like eating a banana seductively, or drinking milk messily so it spills and runs down her body, sucking finger with eyes closed, messily eating fruit so the juice drips, placing hand on or near pubic area, etc., .etc.
  • Make sure to get some Instagram-safe shots in each set, both fully clothed, and implied nudes
  • Look for opportunities to incorporate foreground and background elements in the composition or other ways of interestingly framing the shot.
  • Food shots, especially those that can be done in a suggestive or sensual manner (juicy fruits that drips while being eaten, bananas or other phallic food items, etc.). Yes, these are clichéd, but they make for interesting, sensual shots and are a mainstay of Goodies pictorials. Using see-through food items like lollipops that can partially obscure parts of the body can be interesting as well (see red lollipop shot in mood board for example).
  • Mix up the clothing combinations.
    • Use different combinations of fully clothed, topless, bottomless, putting on or taking off clothes, pulling clothing up or to the side, and (of course) full nudes. The CD really seem to like bottomless shots, so make sure we get some of those in each location – maybe some fully nude mermaid hair shots, too.
  • Make sure to get some shots with Goodies merch and Goodies issues in frame for promotional use.
  • While we don’t focus on genital close-ups or pink shots like a lot of Men’s magazines, the CD would like "more pussy shots" than my last shoot. Make sure to take enough shots in each location where you can clearly see genitals from different angles.
    • Bent over standing
    • On all fours
    • Standing, one leg up on something
    • Laying with legs apart
    • Sitting with legs apart
    • Sitting hugging legs and at an angle to the camera
  • Try to get some shots that are suggestive of masturbation: placing hand or or near pubic area, expression on face that looks like orgasm, biting lip, closing eyes, reading a past issue of the magazine, etc. We want to paint a picture in the reader’s mind, but make sure model knows that she does NOT have to actually play with herself. Of course, she can, but it’s completely up to what she’s comfortable with. Goodies will run more explicit shots if they’re interesting and well-composed, but it’s absolutely 100% never required unless discussed and agreed to before the shoot.
  • Make sure to take some Instagram-safe implied nudes at each location.
  • Revealing clothed shots are another favorite of the magazine. Things like having the model lift up her dress, stretch out her shirt, or pull down her skirts or shorts, or shots with a tit popping out and the model seemingly unaware of it.

Shoot Locations & Poses

Cover Shot

Goodies typically does multiple covers. Usually, they do at least one cover shot of each model featured in the issue, so we want to make sure to take shots that will be good cover candidates. These should be impactful, but mostly implied or non-nude. Many cover shots are close-cropped head or head-and-shoulders shots, but they don’t have to be. Nudity is okay, but they only rarely run fully nude cover shots, they usually do one or two topless covers per issue, but the majority are fully clothed or implied.

One good location for the cover shot might be in front of the triangular structure on the deck, letting the concentric triangles frame her.

  • Try close-cropped shot of face, or face and upper chest area, probably show at least enough of shoulders to make it clear she’s naked. Maybe do a few 3/4 or full body shots, but those are less likely to be used for the cover.
  • Do some with her head tilted down, but eyes looking back up directly into the camera. Pair with smirk or mischievous grin or teasing smile. Maybe some with head cocked to the side or looking away from camera.
  • Experiment with bokeh or other interesting—but not distracting—backgrounds options.
  • Take some with a choker that says "GOODIES" — but do most without.
  • I picked up some gummy letters. I separated out a bunch of different words – Goodies, and bunch of silly and naughty words – whatever I could make with the assortment of letters I got. We could play around with using these in some cover shots. Maybe spell out "Goodies" across her upper chest, or maybe just "oodies", and have her holding the "G" in her lips, on her tongue, or on her fingertip. Maybe have it spelled out in the palm of her hands, or spell out words on her stomach… or whatever looks interesting. Since this is gimmicky, only do a handful of them, but could make for an interesting cover.
  • Things to have her try: biting lip sexily, sticking tongue out seductively or playfully, maybe gently biting down on tongue that she’s sticking out for a few shots. Mischievous looks – eyes to side or up and smiling, some directly at camera.
  • Let the model’s personality shine through as much as possible. The pictorial and accompanying article are as much about her as a person as it is about her body.

Inside House – Bedroom Loft

  • Shots on bed
    • On all fours facing toward window, taking from inside, try both silhouette and front-lit
    • Reading an issue of Goodies – on stomach, on back, lounging against pillows
    • It looks like there’s a really nice hardwood bench that should be good for some shots
    • Shots with a hand mirror, capturing different parts of body in the mirror. Maybe do some double mirror shots with the big mirror and hand mirror, giving us three different angles of model.
    • See if we can get some shots through the upper window. I might not be able to get high enough to do that well, but it could be interesting framing.
    • Laying on back, spelling out different words on her skin with the candy letters
  • Shots with that giant mirror. Play! Shots of her looking at herself, shots of her looking at the camera in the mirror.

Inside House – Loft

Thee’s a second loft across from the bedroom loft. It’s a big open space with just a desk and whiteboard. There’s quite a bit of open space – maybe do some laying shots on the floor, maybe some framed by the windows, laying on or under the table, perched between two stools, etc. Maybe we can do something interesting with the white board.

The loft has a railing and stairs leading up to them. There might be some good shots of the model on these steps (both from front and back), or in the loft standing at the railing, taken from below.

Below the Loft

Below the loft is a little living room area with nice bright yellow couch. We should do a bunch of shots here, laying, sitting, laying on floor with legs up on couch, hugging pillows, maybe having a drink, sitting on the back of the couch framed by the window, kneeling on the couch facing away (looking out window)… maybe some voyeur shots taken from outside.

Slumped back in the corner, a drink loosely held in one hand, maybe reading an issue, laying face down, arm hanging off, etc., etc.

Inside House – Bedroom Stairs

The house has a really interesting, narrow set of stairs leading up to the bedroom loft. These could make for some interesting shots – standing, sitting, laying, draped over the railing, etc.

Outside on Deck

The ADU is surrounded by a large wood deck. There’s furniture and an interesting translucent triangular structure, and some trees. We should take an assortment of shots out there, some with nature behind, some with house behind.

  • Standing, Sitting, maybe some laying
    • some clothed, some with just coverup or sarong, some fully nude
    • Some facing camera, some facing away, get some profile shots in
    • do some close cropped shots at low ƒ-stop to get drastic bokeh
  • Leaning on railing, some from the front, some from the rear, combine close up and more distant shots.
  • Make sure to get some legs open shots when it feels natural, maybe on the deck chairs.
    • laying back on elbows enjoying the sun
    • Do some bottomless with long shirt, lots of playful arm-raised photos
    • Looking over edge of the railing, ass up seductively while model looks down.
  • Inside the pyramid
    • Sitting sideways to camera
    • Standing, arms outstretched to touch both sides
    • Feet together, bending over to touch toes right in the middle
  • On bench

Kitchen & Bathroom Area

Below the Bedroom loft is an efficiency kitchen and a small bathroom. The bathroom has a beautiful wooden sliding barn door that could provide a nice background for some shots. The bathroom itself is probably too small to do many shots in there, but we should get at least get a few, maybe some in the shower if model’s up for it, but if we do, shoot those last so she doesn’t have to re-do her hair or makeup

Close-ups and Bodyscapes

Make sure to get an assortment of “parts” shots during the indoor part of the shoot – various close-up views of different body parts from different angles so the shots almost become abstract. Goodies like to use these types shots to fill small and awkward spaces in the layout.

Outdoor & Grounds

Unfortunately, the location listing doesn’t have many pictures showing off the 5 acres of land surrounding the house. We’ll have to play this part a bit by ear depending on what’s available. We should plan to spend at least half the shoot outdoors, and at least an hour out on the grounds. In terms of specific shots, it’s hard to say, but stick with the vibe – happy, sensual, etc. and rocks, trees, and other natural formations to help frame the model and create visual interest.

Pose & Shot Mood Board

General Pose Reference

Sensual & Food Shots

Parts & Bodyscapes

Revealing Clothed & Bottomless Shots

Parts Shots & Implied Masturbation Shots